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Mounts Available

Log Cabin Fence is proud to offer numerous mounting choices with its Pro Driver. Standard Front Mount, Side Shift Mount, Truck and Tractor Mounts, Custom Mounts, as well as different size Beam options are all available.


Standard Front Mount

side mount pro driver front mount pro driver

Our basic system is the Standard Front Mount with traditional hydraulics. This front has options of having self contained hydraulics and/or a power down auger. Also available is the High Mount Extension. This handy option allows you to keep the skid steer boom arms in a lower position while attached to a skid steer driver. This allows for better vision, safer operator access to machine and allows for the use of cab doors.

Side Shift

side shift mount
mounted posts
tractor mount tractor at school

Our most popular mount is the Side Shift model. It can have Skid Steer mounting plates on either side, or have Skid Steer mounts on one side and tractor three point hitch on the other. Further, this mount is fully self contained. Traditional Skid Steer Mounts require an additional hydraulic return line to handle the increased oil flow during the impact stroke of the driver. This requires additional plumbing to the specific Skid Steer on which you are going to operate the post driver on. Along with the extra plumbing that is required certain warranty problems may arise from the skid-steer manufacturer should you have hydraulic malfunctions or oil contamination.

Log Cabin Pro Driver now offers a fully self contained unit which uses the auxiliary hydraulics on the skid steer boom to power the auxiliary hydraulics on the self contained unit. The advantages of the self contained unit are as follows:
1: No oil contamination between the driver and the skid- Steer.
2: No additional hydraulic plumbing required.
3: More versatility in that the driver can be used on any skid steer with the universal mounting plate and auxiliary hydraulics.

This driver mount combination is truly the most versatile due to its ability to mount to a Skid Steer or a tractor and still be ready to drive posts within minutes. The design of this mount allows the installer to drive the machine parallel to the fence line being installed. This results in installing posts nearly four times faster than the front mount unit. Further, there is less wear and tear on the grounds or on the machine running the Pro Driver.

Custom Mounts

tractor mount

Log Cabin also offers custom installation on tractors and various other implements. Feel free to contact us today to discuss your unique mount.

Truck Mounted Unit

truck mount truck mount
truck mount  

The ultimate fence professional’s mount is the Truck Mounted unit. Log Cabin Fence pioneered the truck mounted post driver nearly 22 years ago and continues to utilize this mount it its day to day business. In additional to manufacturing the Log Cabin Pro Driver, we have two full time fence installation crews in place daily. Each crew uses a Log Cabin Pro Driver truck mount and is able to transport both crew and materials to the jobsite, resulting in increased efficiently.

Beam Size Options

beam options

Within each mount you have the option of the beam size. Our standard beam will drive a post up to 10’ in length and 9” in diameter. The Tall Beam can handle post up to 12’ and the Super Tall Beam can handle posts 14’ long. All beams have slamplates at various heights as well as the standard 4” auger system.



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