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Basic Auger


Every Log Cabin Pro Driver comes standard with the 4” Auger System. This auger lifts from its cradle and mounts to the bottom of the driver beam. This allows the weight of the beam to force the auger through the ground.

Down Pressure Auger

shift side power down front mount auger

An option available on the Front Mount or the Side Shift is the Down Pressure Auger System which can provide(?) up to 4,000 pounds of down force on the auger. This additional pressure allows for posting in some of the most inhospitable and rocky conditions. The auger is on its own independent track which results in the operator working the levers to operate the auger – no heavy lifting of the auger head and motor are needed.

Pressure Down Auger

Pressure Down Auger

Exclusive at Log Cabin Fence is the Pressure Down Auger System. It is available on any new unit or can be adapted to fit an older Pro Driver or Kiwi Post Driver Systems. This innovative option adds down pressure of 3,300 pounds and makes down pressure available on truck, tractor, and skid steer mounts. Prices start at only $3,450.00


Down Pressure Auger System Facts

• Can be retro fit to work with older Pro Driver or Kiwi Post Driver systems.
• Delivers 3,300 pounds of pressure yet weighs less than 60 pounds.
• Can be installed on any skid steer, tractor or truck mount.
• Prices start at $3,450.00.



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