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pro driverMaking a decision to purchase a superior product that will satisfy your expectations should be an easy one. Yet every company says their products are better. How do you make the choice? At Log Cabin Pro Driver we feel the difference is experience and service.

Bill Iams is a successful fence contractor, sixth generation farmer, and the distributor of American manufactured Advantage Structures. Bill has been a member of the American Fence Association since 1991 and is a Master Instructor of Field Fencing at the annual AFA Field Training School. Bill's philosophy has always been that the customer comes first. This is done by providing service and a superior product both in materials and technology.

Shared within the company there is over sixty years of post driving experience. All types of post drivers have been put to use with some being good and some not so good. With this in mind Log Cabin Fence Co. Inc. has decided to introduce to you a driver that is “Proudly built in the USA for Fence Professionals by Fence Professionals.” These qualifications give Log Cabin Fence Co. Inc. the edge in supplying you with tried and proven equipment.



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