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Horse BathLog Cabin is pleased to handle the Nutrena Feed Line. Nutrena specializes in feeds for Equine, Beef, Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Dairy, Pork, Game and Show Animals. Cargill, which was started in 1865 and purchased Nutrena in 1945, has a long history in the animal nutrition business. Back then they were known for their “Pretty Pink” feed bags which the material could be used to make tablecloths and clothing. A Cargill Animal Nutrient and Mineral Specialist can now be added to the superior services Log Cabin Fence offers to their customers.


Call for our Feed and Mineral Specials. Right Now Minerals and NutreBeef Minerals are BUY 9 Get 1 Free!


Click here to vist the Nutrena web site.



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