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30 x 50 at LCFCentury Farm Products is pleased to offer the highest quality and most durable hoop building available on the market; the Advantage Structure.  Proudly made in the United States, this structure features an after-fabrication hot dipped galvanized trussed frame providing you with the best corrosion protection available.  The 15-year warranty provides protection in corrosive environments where lower quality buildings from catalogues or foreign manufactures exclude coverage.  All structures feature a double-trussed, bow design which provides superior strength compared to single bow options.  The Advantage Structure provides 36% more strength in the bottom truss chord by using square tubing.  The square bottom chord enables better component connections and eliminates building racking so often found in lesser designed buildings.  Additionally, the Advantage Structure includes more steel truss supports in a comparable building by spacing them 10’ to 12’ on center versus others’ 14’ or 16’.

The Advantage Structures are available in 30’, 40’, 50’ and 65’ widths in unlimited lengths.  Popular uses include hay and equipment storage, animal housing, and commodity storage.  They are the high-quality solution to your economical storage challenge.  Professional installation is available by Log Cabin Fence.  New dealer inquiries are welcome.

For much more information, please see www.AdvantageStructures.com.


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